10 Safety Rules on Road

It is important to follow traffic laws. Distracted driving is the number one cause of motor vehicle crashes. In 38 states, novice drivers are prohibited from using their cell phones while driving. This rule extends to text messaging, as well. Even if you can maintain a conversation while driving, it is essential to obey this rule. It is also important not to talk on the phone while driving, as this can make you less attentive and prone to distractions.

Avoid cutting people on the sidewalk when possible. When you can’t avoid this, make sure to walk opposite to the flow of traffic. This will give you the best view of any vehicles approaching you and allow you time to take appropriate evasive action. Also, cycle in the same direction as traffic flow. These are just a few simple ways to stay safe while driving. Just remember that following these tips will ensure your safety on the road.

Be aware of traffic signals. Teach your children to obey the traffic signal. If it turns red, you’ll be alert. A walking man signal, on the other hand, should be green. Children should be taught that it is not acceptable to cross a road with a moving object. Likewise, a driver should never text while driving. It is also important to be alert for garages and moving objects. These rules will help them avoid being hit by a car – especially while driving.

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