Laser Therapy For Menopause

Laser therapy for menopause is a treatment that can help with a range of symptoms, including vaginal dryness and irregular bowel movements. The procedure uses a fractional CO2 laser to reshape tissue and create new collagen and elastic fibers. In recent studies, this method has shown some promise. However, it is important to remember that most studies measure results after 12 weeks, so results may not be indicative of actual results smihun.

A study comparing laser therapy with estrogen therapy found that the latter was more effective than the former. Among laser treatment patients, 86% reported an improvement in their symptomatology. The treatment was also well-received by patients, and the study was well-conducted. Although the study was small, the results show that laser therapy may be worth a try. The findings suggest that laser therapy may be a safe and effective option for women undergoing menopause merdb.

The procedure requires three to four laser sessions, which take about five minutes each. The treatment is recommended for women who are unable to get hormonal treatment hiyak. Moreover, women must wait for at least six weeks between the sessions. In most cases, this treatment can be completed in a lunch hour, making it an ideal option for women who want to avoid hormonal treatments cartooncrazy.

Laser therapy for menopause has proven to be as effective as vaginal estrogen for improving urinary and sexual function. The treatment uses carbon dioxide fractional laser resurfacing, which activates tissue growth factors and heat shock proteins. This treatment also uses lower temperatures than traditional ablative lasers lactosas.

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