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UserLeap has raised $38 million in a new round of funding. The company, founded by Ryan Glasgow and Kevin Mandich, has now raised more than $60 million in total. This latest round of funding was led by Accel and First Round. The series A round closed for $20 million.

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UserLeap raises $38 million in Series B round

UserLeap, a San Francisco-based AI platform that provides continuous feedback from users, has raised $38 million in a new Series B funding round. This round follows a $16 million Series A round in June. All in all, the company has now raised more than $58 million in venture capital funding since its launch in 2018.

UserLeap aims to provide product teams with a more personalized way to understand customers. It helps companies do this by running targeted microsurveys within their product. The surveys are triggered by customer actions, so they get a much higher response rate than traditional email surveys. The company offers more than 75 research templates for product managers to choose from, and AI analyzes the responses in real-time.

The company’s model is trained on millions of data points and continues to refine itself as more data is collected. The company offers a free version for small businesses, as well as paid plans for companies with up to 100,000 users. It also offers an API that can be shared between organizations. It has over 500 clients, including Square, Opendoor, Dropbox, and Chipper Urdughr Cash.

A series A funding round has also been secured for Levels, a software platform that pairs continuous glucose monitors with an app. The software tracks a person’s food intake, physical activity, and blood sugar levels. It provides insights into their metabolic health, which is related to a number of common chronic diseases, including chronic kidney disease and heart disease.

The company’s founders, including former engineers from Spotify and Lyft, were able to attract venture capital to fund their mission of making machine learning observable. The new funding will help the company expand its research and development. The company is expected to launch its first product by 2020.

Sprig has also received funding. Founded in San Francisco, the company allows product teams to collect feedback from users throughout the product development lifecycle. Its product managers can use micro surveys and access powerful AI analysis for video interviews. It has received backing from top investors like Accel.

Company founded by Kevin Mandich and Ryan Glasgow

UserLeap is an AI-powered technology platform that gives product development teams continuous user feedback. It has just raised $38 million in a Series B funding round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The company plans to use the money to invest in its product and expand its customer base globally. Founded by Kevin Mandich and Ryan Glasgow, the company has raised over $20 million in venture capital and angel investment.

Glasgow was an early team member at Weebly before it was acquired by Square in 2018. He also was on the founding team of Vurb, which was acquired by Snapchat in 2016. He realized it was difficult to collect customer insight in a timely manner and desired a way to measure user experience. With that in mind, he co-founded UserLeap to build an “always on research platform” that would allow companies to gather insights about their users’ experiences.

Company has raised over $60 million to date

UserLeap is a platform for continuous AI-powered research. In a series B round, the startup raised $38 million. It will use the money to further its R&D, customer acquisition, and global expansion. The company was founded in 2018 by Ryan Glasgow and Kevin Mandich. It is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

Glasgow is a former member of the Weebly team, which was acquired by Square in 2018 and Vurb in 2016. While working at these companies, he realized that it was hard to gather insights on customer experience and satisfaction in a timely manner. He longed for a tool to capture and measure this data. Glasgow founded UserLeap, a low-code program management biographyer platform and an “always on research platform” to meet this need.

UserLeap Closes $20 Million Series A

After raising over $60 million, UserLeap has recently closed a $20 million series A led by Accel. Founded by CEO Scott Wiggers, the company aims to help R&D teams understand their target audiences. The latest round of funding was led by Accel, with participation from First Round.

UserLeap’s total raised to date to over $60 million

Using artificial intelligence, contextual microsurveys, and over 75 research templates, UserLeap gives R&D teams the insights they need to understand their audience and build a roadmap. The company was founded by Ryan Glasgow and Kevin Mandich in 2018 and is based in San Francisco, California.

UserLeap has built an AI that can analyze responses and learn from them in real time. It is also staffed with researchers who review responses and provide recommendations. The company offers SDKs for web, native iOS, and shareable link microsurveys. It enables researchers to collect insights from specific customers and at specific points in the customer journey. It also offers a variety of options for triggering surveys based on actions or inaction. It also supports data import from existing dev tools.

Funding round was led by Accel

UserLeap is a San Francisco-based platform for continuous research using AI and contextual microsurveys. The company has raised over $60 million to date, including a recent $20 million series A led by Accel. Its technology combines contextual’micro-surveys’ with artificial intelligence to give product teams an in-depth understanding of their audiences. The company was founded by Ryan Glasgow and Kevin Mandich in 2018 and has offices in San Francisco, California.

The round includes existing and new investors. The existing investor base includes Accel, BNY Mellon funds, Dragoneer Investment Group, Flucas Ventures, House Fund, and Geodesic. New investors include New Enterprise Associates. The company plans to expand its product line to include a broader range of industries.

Glasgow joined after working at Weebly and Vurb

After working at startups like Weebly, Vurb, and Venturebeat, Glasgow was looking for a new role. He knew he wanted to build a product that would help small businesses gather customer insights quickly. He founded UserLeap, a low-code, “always-on” research platform, after realizing that many startups didn’t have the resources to gather user data tv bucetas

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