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The First Night Baseball Game 1930

The first night baseball game was played on April 28, 1930, between the Independence Producers and the Muskogee Chiefs. It was a memorable game for the first-timers. It was the first night game in the history of Major League Baseball. The game featured ace pitcher Paul Derringer for the Reds. President Roosevelt flipped the switch to turn on the lights at Crosley Field. The game was a resounding success and the first night baseball game played in the United States Stylishster.

Before the first night baseball game was played in the Major Leagues, the Negro Leagues played day games before white Major League clubs. The Depression was impacting all businesses, and the baseball industry was no exception. But despite its benefits, some people felt night baseball was a gimmick. Hall of Famer Clark Griffith, who owned the Washington Senators, said night games would never catch on in big cities. But the night games quickly caught on and were played by many teams anxnr.

The game was broadcast on NBC radio and became a worldwide phenomenon. Keyser said that the first night baseball game would bring life to the Minor Leagues. The game drew over 12000 fans. Even today, night baseball is still popular in the Minor Leagues. Adding lighting was a great marketing move for the minor leagues in the days before air conditioning was widely used. A light tower in the center of a baseball diamond would cost more than $22,000 Tishare.

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